Arnis-Kali at OSC Vellmar

Arnis-Kali is a collective term for Filipino martial arts at OSC Vellmar. These styles mainly stand for armed martial arts, which deal with different types of weapons, but also unarmed combat. The Filipino martial arts are an incredibly fast sport.

By combining armed and unarmed training, the student develops speed, coordination, endurance, strength and reflexes. These qualities improve his fighting skills and thus his self-defence skills. The student is trained to be able to adapt to any given situation.

An important principle here is the transferability of the techniques. A technique that the student has learned with a stick, for example, can also be used with a pens, a towel or a rolled-up newspaper. Movement patterns from the stick training are also used in unarmed self-defence in the sense of this transferability.

Practising with one or two sticks is the central element in Filipino martial arts. Drills improve timing and partner awareness. Combinations against multiple stick attacks include counter strikes, disarming techniques and locking techniques.

The techniques with bladed weapons are based on a simple and well thought-out defence principle. Above all, this teaching area is intended to help understand body mechanics and refine unarmed techniques.

Our group trains mainly according to the Kali-Silat-Evolution curriculum. The training programme is suitable for anyone who already practices a martial art, but complete beginners can also take part in the training. It does not make any special physical demands on strength or agility. With all the concentrated and sweaty training, besides the self-defence aspect, we are mainly concerned with the fun in the group and the joy of movement. 


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